Which fabrics to choose for modern fabric sofas


The utilization rate of the sofa is second only to the […]

The utilization rate of the sofa is second only to the bed in the furniture, so it is also called the second bed in the home.

Because of the high cost performance, fabric sofas are the first choice for many families. However, it is also because of the high cost performance that some people may think that fabric sofas are of no grade, which makes people who like the texture of fabric sofas very helpless.

Relatively speaking, fabric sofas are more cost-effective. Although the single product grades are not as good as solid wood and leather sofas, fabric sofas are younger and more comfortable. Therefore, modern people prefer to choose fabric sofas when decorating, and after passing through Cleverly matched, the fabric sofa can also be equipped with a high-end atmosphere!

Cotton sofa
The fabric sofa made of pure cotton is soft, breathable, natural and environmentally friendly, and is very close to the skin. It is currently the model with the widest market share. The rustic style is most used in pure cotton sofas.
Features: Cheap price, most diverse patterns, but poor elasticity, easy to wrinkle, easy to dye, and less wear-resistant.
Buying tips: Generally, the players should feel delicate, soft and thick, with natural colors and uniform colors. Pull out the thread of the fabric and burn it with fire. It will turn into ashes and the quality is better without burning smell.
Maintenance: Hand wash or machine wash is available, and ironing is essential after drying. To avoid shrinkage, it is best to send it to a professional washing shop for dry cleaning, which can effectively reduce the risk of shrinkage and deformation. In daily situations, vacuum once every two months.

Linen sofa
The most fascinating thing about the linen sofa is its good thermal conductivity. Even if it’s hot in summer, don’t worry about sweating and slimy. The texture of the linen sofa is close but soft, soft and hard, with a simple and natural temperament.
Features: It is more wear-resistant, not easy to crease, does not fade, does not ball, does not generate static electricity, and does not mold in damp places.
Purchase tips: Whether the surface is flat and whether there is any thread or interface is the key indicator of the quality of the linen. If you want linen sofas to be softer, you can choose linen sofas with higher cotton content.
Maintenance: As there are gaps on the surface of the cloth, you need to vacuum frequently to remove the dust in the corners and gaps in the fabric. In order to avoid shrinkage as much as possible, it is recommended to send it to a special washing shop for dry cleaning.

Blended sofa
The blending of cotton and chemical fiber materials can show the visual effect of silk, flannel, or linen, but the pattern and color are not natural and pure, and the price is relatively cheap. In recent years, with the rise of differentiated chemical fibers, blended fibers and blended spinning, coupled with the increasingly perfect dyeing and finishing process, the soft feel and high-simulation effect of blended fabrics can almost be fake.
Features: Easy to wash and no iron, gorgeous color, durable and flexible.
Buying tips: When buying, pay attention to the composition of the fabric. The larger the proportion of cotton, the better.
Maintenance: It can be washed directly in the washing machine.

Fabric sofas are more and more popular because of their convenient disassembly and washing, stylish and beautiful features. When purchasing, match the interior decoration style in color to see if the frame is strong, which is related to the service life and quality assurance of the sofa.

Under normal circumstances, fabric sofas should be cleaned with detergent at least once a year, and the armrests, backrests and gaps of the sofa must also be taken into account, which will greatly extend the life of the sofa and the appearance of cleanliness.

In addition to cleaning all furniture, the more important thing is maintenance. If the maintenance is not good, the lifespan will not be extended, and it will be replaced after a period of time, so everyone must take good care of the furniture in your home.

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