What material is good for sofa cover fabric


What are the fabrics of the sofa cover 1. Cotton sofa c […]

What are the fabrics of the sofa cover
1. Cotton sofa cover fabric
The cotton sofa cover fabric has a very good feel and is not easy to pilling. Compared with plush materials, the price will be much cheaper and cost-effective. Among the many sofa covers, cotton sofa covers are a kind of sofa with a wide range of uses.

2. Plant fiber sofa cover fabric
Plant fiber sofa covers meet people's needs for environmental protection to a certain extent, and have the characteristics of sweat absorption, breathability, toughness, and affordable prices. But this kind of sofa cover is suitable for summer use.

3. Wool sofa cover fabric
The plush sofa cover fabric can be customized and is one of the more popular fabrics on the market. This type of material is suitable for winter use.

4. Linen sofa cover fabric
The linen sofa cover fabric is more environmentally friendly. The baby mat is made of linen, which shows its softness and health. Moreover, the linen sofa cover gives a natural and simple feeling, and the natural color is very flavorful, which is especially suitable for modern simple and Chinese style decoration, and this kind of cloth is more used in summer.

How to choose a sofa cover
1. The color and design of the sofa cover should match the style of the room. For example, it is decorated with shawls, and can be knitted, drawnwork, net button, cross-cut and other fabrics. If the wall is light and light, or the living room has a large space, you can choose fresh large flowers and large grid patterns; if the wall is dark, or the space is limited, choose light colors to look elegant.

2. The quality of the sofa cover depends on whether there is color difference on the surface of the sofa cover and whether the pattern is clear. Feel the texture of the sofa cover. Smell for any peculiar smell. Cut a small sample of the cushion cover and wipe the cushion cover with a damp cloth to see if there is any discoloration.

3. The color and style of the sofa cover is soft, generally light pink, light blue or light yellow, with soft material and easy to clean.

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