What are the characteristics of polyurethane composite fabrics


Polyurethane composite fabric Composite fabric is a new […]

Polyurethane composite fabric

Composite fabric is a new type of material made by bonding one or more layers of textile materials, non-woven materials and other functional materials. It is suitable for making sofas, clothing, automobiles and other textiles. It is an indispensable fabric for people's home life.

Composite fabrics first appeared in the United States, and currently have a wide range of uses and broad potential markets at home and abroad. The soft polyurethane foam composite fabric is soft, full-feel, beautiful, and light. Its excellent heat preservation, air permeability, sound absorption and comfort are even more favored by users. In recent years, flexible polyurethane foam composite fabrics have developed rapidly in my country and have been widely used in many fields of industry and daily life, such as interior decoration of buildings, interior decoration of automobiles, mattresses, clothing, shoes and hats, luggage, carpet lining, etc. . The application object of composite fabrics is mainly the decoration and clothing industries that have strict requirements on appearance. The appearance of foam mainly refers to its texture, color, cell structure and the number of large pores. The importance of its appearance varies slightly with the use of composite fabrics, but the prerequisites must meet the composite process requirements. In the production process, no attention is paid to careful operation or strict control of process conditions. Foam is prone to appearance defects such as large pores, ribs, and yellow cores, which not only reduces the physical properties of the foam, but also directly affects the production and deep processing of composite fabrics.

Polyurethane fabric composite technology includes:

Oil glue compound: Oil glue compound is also called glue compound, which is a kind of compound. Generally speaking, it is relative to flame compound. The difference between it and flame compound is that there is not a layer of sponge between the face cloth and the base cloth, but glue. Although the cost is lower than that of flame compound, it feels harder.

Flame compounding: Flame compounding is a post-treatment process in the deep processing of fabrics. Flame compounding relies on the viscosity of the polyurethane sponge in the middle of the two fabrics to bond the two fabrics together. The fabric of flame compounding feels better than oil glue The cloth should be soft.

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