What are the advantages and disadvantages of leather art and fabric sofas


What are the advantages and disadvantages of leather ar […]

What are the advantages and disadvantages of leather art and fabric sofas in modern minimalist furniture? Leather art sofas are made of animal skins. Soft and breathable, it feels soft and comfortable to sit on, and the advantage is that it is not easy to get dirty. According to the thickness of leather sofas, leather sofas are divided into thick leather and thin leather. Thick leather sofas are very high-end and stylish, but in the case of thick leather, the sofa has higher hardness, while thin leather sofas value softness and comfort. Users use it more, and the higher the thickness of the skin, the more frequent maintenance is required, otherwise the gloss of the skin surface will be lost.

Actual leather sofas are sometimes not all real leather. Usually the place where the human body uses for a long time is leather. Others are ingredient leather. They seem to be very similar in color. In terms of price, all external materials of the sofa are leather. The price is higher. High-quality sofas are soft, comfortable, durable, and look very shiny. The disadvantage is that the leather must be maintained frequently, otherwise the gloss will fade.

Fabric sofas are naturally made of cloth, and the cloth can express the artistic and design feeling vividly and exquisitely, and meet people's life needs. The advantage of fabric sofa is comfortable and leisure, very suitable for modern and simple style, can be disassembled and washed, the color style is very changeable, and the price is affordable. But the outside is easy to get dirty. Although it can be washed, the color will not be so gorgeous after washing.

In terms of furniture style matching, the advantages of fabric sofas are obvious, because their colors are changeable and styles are diverse, and they can be matched according to various styles, and the most important thing is affordable.

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