Types and fabrics of home textiles


Household textiles must be an indispensable part of eve […]

Household textiles must be an indispensable part of everyone's family. The usage rate of this category of textiles is very high. People may be most familiar with the four-piece bedding set. In fact, there are curtains, sofas, tapestries, carpets, etc. which are very home textiles.

In addition to the basic functions of covering, stepping on pads, etc., this type of textile is more of a decorative function. There are a lot of good-looking home textiles on the market, and the variety of patterns and shapes are eye-catching. But only after carefully understanding the types and fabrics of home textiles, can you buy beautiful and practical home textiles.

Many friends who have just renovated the house may choose to buy some beautifully decorated and practical home textile products. So what are the types and fabrics of home textile products?

1. Types of home textiles

1. Classification by processing

According to their processing methods, they can be divided into these four categories, woven decorative textiles, knitted decorative textiles, woven decorative textiles, and nonwoven decorative textiles. These processing methods can be seen from the name of some of its weaving methods. For example, the woven category is home textile products produced by ordinary looms or special looms, and the preparation category is home textile products prepared by manual methods.

2. Classification by decorative objects and uses

According to the objects to be decorated and the actual use of home textile products, they can be divided into these categories. Decorative textiles whose main object is to decorate buildings and structures; decorative textiles whose main objects are to decorate building walls; decorative textiles whose main objects are to decorate interior doors, windows and spaces; to decorate various furniture Decorative textiles that are the main objects; decorative textiles that are the main objects of decorative beds; decorative textiles that are used to decorate catering, toilet environments, and meet the needs of toilet hygiene.

Second, the fabric

1. Classification by function

If the home textiles are classified according to their functions, they can be divided into antistatic home textile materials, antibacterial home textile materials, and anti-UV home textile materials. These fabrics can be used in different places according to their functions. For example, antibacterial home textile materials are very good for bed sheets and quilt covers. UV-resistant home textile fabric can be used as the first choice material for curtains.

2. Classification by material

If it is classified according to the material, it can be divided into three categories: natural fiber, polyester-cotton blend, and polyester. Each of these three categories has its own advantages. You can choose home textile products according to their fabric advantages. For example, natural fibers such as pure cotton products are very good in air permeability and heat absorption, so they are very suitable for bedding. However, the products of pure cotton fabrics are not as durable and durable as polyester materials. If you choose curtains, it is best to use polyester and polyester-cotton blended fabrics.

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