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Fabric sofa is one of the most popular sofas on the mar […]

Fabric sofa is one of the most popular sofas on the market. Each fabric of fabric sofa has its own unique advantages. When we are faced with choosing a fabric sofa, which type of fabric sofa fabric is better?

1. Linen sofa

The most powerful function of the linen sofa is that it has very good thermal conductivity. The linen sofa has a compact but soft texture, moderate softness and hardness, and has a simple and natural temperament.
In the summer, there is no need to worry about the signs of adhesion of the linen sofa due to human sweat. It is a sofa that is very suitable for spring, summer, autumn and winter.
Linen sofa features: no ball, relatively wear-resistant, non-fading, not easy to fold, no static electricity, even if placed in a damp place, it will not mold.
Selection guide: When buying a linen sofa, you should carefully check whether the sofa has threads or connections, and whether the surface of the sofa is smooth and flat. This is an important factor in judging whether the linen sofa is good or bad. If you want to choose a soft linen sofa, you can choose a linen sofa with a higher cotton content.
Cleaning guide: Because there are gaps on the surface of the linen cloth, you need to vacuum frequently to remove the dust in the corners of the linen sofa and the gaps in the fabric. In order to avoid shrinkage as much as possible, Gujia fabric sofa is recommended to be sent to a special washing shop for dry cleaning.

2. Blended sofa

The blended fabric sofa is composed of cotton and chemical fiber materials. The blended fabric sofa can present the visual effects of silk, flannel, and linen.
With the rise of differential chemical fiber, blended fiber and blended spinning, coupled with the increasingly perfect dyeing and finishing process, the soft feel and high-simulation effect of fabric sofas made of blended fabrics can almost be fake.
Blended sofa features: durable, brilliant color, elastic, easy to wash and no ironing.
Selection guide: When buying a blended sofa, pay attention to the fabric composition of the blended sofa. The larger the proportion of cotton, the better. Read carefully the material composition of the blended sofa.
Cleaning guide: The blended sofa is different from the linen sofa. The blended sofa can be directly put into the washing machine for washing. Will not affect the normal use of the sofa and fabric changes.

3. pure cotton sofa

The heat resistance and alkali resistance of pure cotton make the sofa of pure cotton fabric not easy to be damaged during cleaning or washing. The pure cotton fabric sofa has good air permeability, is close to the skin and is natural and environmentally friendly. It is currently the model with the widest market share. The rustic style is most used in pure cotton sofas.
Features of pure cotton sofa: easy to wrinkle, easy to dye, not wear-resistant, low price, various colors, but poor elasticity.
Selection guide: When we buy a pure cotton sofa, we must first pull out the thread of the fabric and burn it with fire. It can turn into ashes and has no burnt smell. The quality is better. Choose the one with a fine, soft and thick hand feeling, natural color and uniform color.
Cleaning guide: The cleaning of pure cotton sofas is better than linen sofas and blended sofas. Pure cotton sofas can be washed by hand or machine, but the ironing process after the cotton sofa is dried is essential. Under daily conditions, cotton sofas are vacuumed once every two months.

4. flannel sofa

The price of flannel fabric is slightly more expensive, and the sofa of flannel fabric is soft, smooth and elastic. Just like the fur of a small animal, the most impressive thing about the flannel sofa is that it is super delicate and gentle. The material of flannel sofa has also changed a lot. From corduroy to suede, it can be said that it has gone through many reforms from rough to delicate.
Flannel sofa features: stylish appearance, good color rendering, dust-proof, anti-fouling, etc., but it is easy to generate static electricity.
Selection guide: When purchasing a flannel sofa, choose one with a lighter, softer feel, uniform color, good gloss, and strong overall feeling.
For short flannel, the denser the pile, the better, and the thicker the cloth, the better. If you buy a fabric sofa of plush flannel type, you can touch it back and forth with your hands, preferably without obvious discoloration or whitening.

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