The rules of car interior modification


When modifying the car interior, you can follow the fol […]

When modifying the car interior, you can follow the following five rules:

The color of the accessories must be in harmony with the color of the car, and you must not blindly pursue high taste and high prices, so as not to be self-defeating. For example, the interior of light-colored cars should be avoided as much as possible with dark seat covers and red carpets. Otherwise, it is easy to give people a sense of incongruity.

According to the size of the space in the car, as much as possible, choose some small, beautiful and practical accessories that can fully reflect the owner's personality, such as cup holders, perfume bottles, storage boxes, etc.

Car accessories should be clean, hygienic, and orderly placed, giving people a neat, comfortable and refreshing feeling.

The decorations in the car must not hinder the safe driving of the driver or the safety of the occupants.

Large and heavy; ornaments on the rear windshield should not affect the line of sight of the vehicle.

The color and texture of the interior accessories must conform to the owner's aesthetics. There is not much space in the car, so the smell of perfume should not be too strong, it is better to be fresh and natural.

Do not add various decorations to the interior. Cars from OEMs and related parts are subject to regulatory inspection and control. The accessories added by consumers after buying a car, such as floor glue and floor mats, are related to decorative parts. Due to the low manufacturing process threshold and no relevant regulatory restrictions, the materials are cheap and the second material is very serious. The product quality is not guaranteed. These parts have a great influence on the odor and flame retardancy of the interior. The interior engineer of its own suggests that there is no need to add anti-fouling and other decorative parts. The interior can be cleaned regularly.

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