Sofa color matching skills


1. The color of the sofa should be in harmony with the […]

1. The color of the sofa should be in harmony with the area of ​​the living room

If the living room is large, spacious and well-lit, then you might as well choose bright colors such as large flowers, red, green, squares, etc., which will look graceful. If the living room area is small, you can choose fabrics with small patterns and bright colors.

2. Determine the main color

The sofa is the main furniture of the living room. You can choose which color you like. The key depends on the main color of the whole living room. Major premise principle: the color of the sofa is determined according to the overall tone of the living room. Don't buy a sofa before the overall color of the living room is determined.

For example: off-white is the main color of the guest restaurant, simple and durable; at this time, you can choose a cloth sofa with higher gray brightness to create different shades and avoid monotony. The gray cotton and linen sofa is matched with the floor color, and the gray is used vividly. In short, you can't go wrong with black, white and gray. Before the three large-area color blocks of wall, floor, and curtains are determined, the sofa color is not easy to choose first. Because the color of the sofa is determined according to the colors of these objects.

If the wall is white, the sofa can choose blue for fear of mistakes. The classic blue and white collocation is the color of blue and white porcelain, which can make the living room very advanced. And blue gives people a quiet, quiet and refreshing feeling, which is very suitable for young home atmosphere. Blue sofas have huge differences in texture and style due to different materials. The darker blue sofa can be diluted with lighter pillows, and it will feel more comfortable.

Nowadays, many people like fabric sofas, which are more suitable for young people to set off any style. The fabric sofas have many styles and rich colors, which can satisfy any of our home decoration styles. Choosing the color of the sofa depends on the style of the living room. If the living room has wallpaper or other wall decorations, we should also look at the color of the living room and match it!

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