• What are the benefits of making a sofa

    What are the benefits of making a sofa

    The advantage of custom-made sofas is that they can be customized by sofa manufacturers according to their own needs. In this social atmosphere of pursuing individuality and uniqueness, "private customization" seems to allow the development of hotels, clubs and other places to go further. So, what a... VIEW MORE

    07 03,2020 News
  • What are the fabrics used in car seat covers?

    What are the fabrics used in car seat covers?

    Fabric used in car seat covers: 1.Ice silk Ice silk is also called rayon, sticky du fiber, and viscose filament. It is obtained by using cotton linters and zhi wood as dao raw materials. Therefore, ice silk is more pure than cotton fiber and wood fiber. Among several mainstream fibers, the moisture ... VIEW MORE

    06 24,2020 News
  • How to identify pure wool fabric?

    How to identify pure wool fabric?

    Pure wool fabric is natural and soft in color, good in warmth effect, and is the first choice fabric for making high-grade suits and coats. But more and more wool-like fabrics, with the improvement of textile technology, has reached a level that is difficult for most customers to identify, but the c... VIEW MORE

    06 19,2020 News
  • What is raw silk?

    What is raw silk?

    Raw silk is the product obtained after silkworm cocoon reeling. Commonly known as silk, the machine reel is also called factory silk, and the hand-reeled silk is called earth silk. Raw silk is called cooked silk after degumming. China's raw silk has a long history, and modern output ranks first in t... VIEW MORE

    06 09,2020 News
  • How to clean fabric sofa

    How to clean fabric sofa

    In recent years, fabric sofa is popular in the market because of its beauty, practicality and convenience. How much do you know about it? Do you know how to clean the sofa? Next, follow the fabric sofa to join the manufacturer City extraordinary to see below, hope to help you. 1. If you can't clean ... VIEW MORE

    06 07,2020 News