Mix and match the sofa to make it even better!


The importance of the sofa to the living room, I believ […]

The importance of the sofa to the living room, I believe you need to understand it. The thinking of the previous generation stayed at: "The sofa must be a complete set." In fact, this idea, except for the sake of more unified colors, is basically the reason why I don't want to match.
It is very popular now to buy a sofa instead of a full set, and love the mix and match style! Love the novelty and home highlights brought by the contrast.
The question is coming: how to look good if you don't buy a complete set, and the color matching should also be considered beautiful! According to these kinds of collocations, you should be right.


1. Light-colored couch with bright single sofa.

If you are worried about the color hitting? The most basic way is a light-colored couch with a brighter single sofa. Let the bright single sofa become the focus of color, with less chance of making mistakes.

2. candy color contrast

If the main sofa is not a light color, but a more lively candy color, it is not wrong to use a candy color of other colors when matching a single sofa.


3. the same element color matching makes the space color consistent

Choose the color of the single sofa according to the color of the main sofa pillow, you can avoid the problem of too many colors. If you say that the pillows are all selected separately, you can choose the single sofa first, and choose the main sofa pillow according to the color of the single sofa.


4. hit the color couch

If the living room at home is relatively large, the combination of a single sofa + a three-person sofa still makes the space seem more empty, and the combination of the couch + couch is the most suitable.


5. the deepest match is the most secure

In order to control the large color of the living room, it is not too complicated. If you have the habit of laying carpets, it is best to keep the color of the carpet close to the color of one of the sofas. The whole space will look lively and simple.

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