How to maintain your car seat fabric


When selecting car seat fabrics, we generally pursue th […]

When selecting car seat fabrics, we generally pursue the unity of comfort and appearance. Naturally, we select good quality car seat fabrics. However, no matter how good the quality is, it cannot withstand long-term wear and erosion. Therefore, the maintenance of car seat fabrics is very important.

Car seat fabrics are one of the products of textile companies. The products are of high quality and low price, which are deeply loved by consumers. The following editor will introduce how to maintain car seat fabrics.

1. The car leather chair should be as far as possible from the heat source two feet, if it is too close to the heat source, the leather will dry and crack

2. Do not expose to the sun for a long time, so as to prevent the leather from fading

3. Perform regular cleaning and maintenance, and use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dust a week

4. Do not use a hair dryer to quickly dry the leather during cleaning, but dry it naturally.

The car seat is mainly composed of seat frame, seat headrest, seat foam and seat cover. In addition, according to different market needs and product positioning, many seats are also equipped with components that meet other functions. The car seat provides convenient, comfortable and safe driving and seating positions for drivers and passengers. The seat cover, as the part of the seat that directly contacts the person, is more worthy of attention. Common cover covers mainly include backrest covers, headrest covers, and cushions (covers). PU synthetic leather is divided into three categories: dry, wet and environmentally friendly. The wet method is generally thicker because there is a low foam layer between the surface layer and the base cloth, while the dry method does not. It is directly coated on the cloth bottom, so it is relatively thin. Dry PU leather has a low volatile organic compound content during processing, and the finished leather has good abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, hydrolysis resistance, and weather resistance. It has a soft hand and a strong surface leather feel. Although the price is more expensive than flannel and PVC leather, the feedback of various evaluations is better, and the four principles are satisfied. Therefore, PU artificial leather is chosen as the main material of the cover.

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