How to choose the color of the sofa that matches your home?


I believe many friends have such confusion: There are m […]

I believe many friends have such confusion: There are many sofa styles on the market, how do you choose the one that suits my home? This problem is actually very simple. Just like choosing clothes, first you will be attracted by its color and style, and then you will care about its material and other aspects. So, today I will teach you how to choose a sofa that suits your temperament and style!

1. the gray sofa is the most versatile

If you don't have so much confidence in your vision, then you would prefer the gray sofa. Because gray is the safest and most versatile, it will not be too obtrusive or too tempting to be used in the living room space.

2. the brown sofa works best

The brown sofa is the best guarantee for the overall decoration of the home. Because brown itself is a warm color, as long as the home is not very extreme black and white and cool colors, it can play a very good brightening effect, and the decoration effect is excellent.

3. The blue sofa is the most beautiful

If your living room is spacious and bright with good lighting, you can choose some sofas with relatively beautiful colors, such as blue and yellow.


4. beige sofa is the freshest

If the living room wall of your home chooses color, pattern paint or wallpaper, the sofa should not choose too bright colors, solid colors will look more fresh and elegant.

5. the highest end of the sofa with printing

Many people think that sofas with textures and patterns will be more individualized, but in fact, many sofas with relatively high quality will now be made with custom fabrics with houndstooth and architectural patterns, and will be more prominent in the home.

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