Buy a fabric sofa, is it harder or softer?


To put it simply, the feeling of a hard sofa will be mo […]

To put it simply, the feeling of a hard sofa will be more formal, and it will feel as if it is about business affairs, meetings and other situations; the first feeling that a soft sofa brings to people is that it is more casual, so in some requirements In a cultural atmosphere or formal place with "sit and stand", you can choose a harder sitting feeling.

The fabric sofa is too soft and the body's center of gravity is not stable. It will move the body intentionally or unintentionally to find a new balance, so sitting on the sofa for a long time will make people feel back pain. In addition, sitting on a soft sofa makes it difficult for the spine to maintain a normal mental arc. Over time, it will cause abnormal tension in the back muscles and induce low back pain. Under normal circumstances, it is advisable to dent the sofa cushion about 1 cm after sitting down. The body and bones of middle-aged and elderly people are older than those of young people, so they should choose a slightly harder sofa.

The softness and hardness of the fabric sofa needs to have a certain degree. A sofa that is too hard also makes people feel that they are sitting hard, which can not relax, let alone comfortable, and will cause muscle soreness over time. If you sit on a sofa with an unscientific design for a long time, it will cause various diseases such as lumbar muscle strain. Therefore, you need to pay attention to many details when choosing a sofa from a health perspective.

Good design must be inseparable from ergonomics. Following ergonomics can minimize the fatigue and discomfort of the human body. Looking at the entire market, today's fabric sofas are no longer displayed in the image of a simple wooden frame and sponge. In front of us, we have added more humanistic design care in it.

Sponge is one of the indispensable materials in the structure of the sofa. The sponge used in the soft sofa cushion should pay attention to the standard of use. The higher the density, the better. In addition, the resilience of the sponge is better. Such a fabric sofa is not only comfortable to sit on. It is not easy to deform.

If there are children in the family, the family who likes to jump around on the sofa should pay attention to whether the sofa is easily deformed. Traditional sofa frames generally only use serpentine springs. Such sofas are prone to deformation and collapse after being used for a period of time, which affects the beauty and use of the sofa. Nowadays, sofas with better resilience and durability generally use serpentine springs combined with bandages, so that the firmness and resilience of the sofa will be doubled. Even if your children jump around on the sofa, the cushion will not be easily deformed.

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